"Your personal guide in Angkor Wat, Cambodia"

Welcome to Angkor Wat, welcome to Siem Reap, welcome to my life!

Angkorboy’s Blog

My notes and photos about Angkor Wat, about flood in Siem Reap, about events.

Useful info about Angkor Wat and other temples of Angkor, my life, gay life and gay places.

I’ve started my blog at 2009.

Please feel free to read and comment my notes.

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Have a look at what I can offer you!

Private car transfer from airport or borderpoint (if coming by bus)

  • Borderpoint (Poipet) to Siem Reap city centre
  • Airport to Siem Reap city centre

– Angkorboy Temple tours

I am not a licensed guide but just a regular guy who loves my home town and knows all the temples!
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About me

Hi, Everyone.

My name is Vichhay (Chai for short and easier). I’m from the very small village of Siem Reap/ Angkor named Pum O which is 45min drive to the Eastside of the province.

Siem Reap isn’t known, but Angkor Wat – Wonder of World is known much better. It is famous. And Siem Reap is the first best point to explore Angkor Wat.

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