Interesting place outside of Angkor wat area

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Today it’s time for me to show you other place outside of Angkor wat area. We have two mountains quite far from city that have waterfall.

1. Kabel Spean ( It’s not big mountain but have a very beautiful view, as well have the waterfall with thousand of Linga )

2. Phnom Koulen (It’s big mountain with many nice place to see: Big Buddha, Waterfall, Thousand of Linga like in Kabel Spean , some small Temples...)


Kabel Spean I had been just two time since I was young but Phnom Koulen quite a lots. The day before yesterday I went to Phnom Koulen again with some of my friend and one sister of my friend Mr. Makara and also his mother, it’s first time for them coz they are from other province. They so exiting when they saw the big laying Buddha call Preah Ong Thom on the big stone.


After that we went to lovely and cold waterfall and it’s time again for them to exiting :-)

Me and my friend went to take a bath waterfall and took some picture for memories but my friend’s sister and mother didn’t take a bath with us coz they a bit scare of the water.


And some picture on the way back,


Oh! We had a really great time.

Sorry for my English, fell free to write me a comment.

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  1. very well maintained blog ! go on add more details about everything you did on your trip or anything that is interesting eg ( converstations, places or incidents ) But excellent choice of pictures , especially the sunset 1s are well done.

    Keep it goin

    • Thank you so much Peter for your looking up here and your comment and i will try to follow as your advice :)

      I’m very happy to get it.

      have a nice day

  2. This website is verry nice and interst!!!

    • Thank you very much :)

  3. nice pics & good story..

    can I know your friend Polin?