New trip to Koh ker Temple and Preah Vihear

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Yesterday I had done a new trip to Koh Ker and Preah Vihear Temple which is quite far from Siem Reap. My friend and I has drove for 2h to reach the Koh Ker Temple. First moment getting there I gotta felling a bit strange because of  the black laterite which is never see in or around Angkor Wat area. We follow the map to see those temples one by one because it’s our fist time so we did all temples around that area. I use to think that, it’s should be have only one temple but it’s was completely opposite. we found more then  20 temples.While my visiting along the small temples I was really wonder and keep my eyes looking for the Beautiful biggest one where is alway showing in guidebook and a lots people talking about. We spent more then an hour to see all those small temples. Finally we get into Prasat Thom ( it’s pronounce in Khmer) and it’s mean Big Temple in English. I got a bit disappointed because I still can’t find the temple which I want to see. during my walking in this temple I mate a girl who working as Temple Care, I asked her about the temple that I looking for, she’s very kind and showed me the way.

Oh! my god, I’m so surprise from the very Beautiful and big temple with 7 floors and the Pyramid shape appear in front of me. I wanna clamp up on this temple but isn’t allow because of the step has broke which is made me so sad :(  but maybe next year they will allow than :)

After take a rest for having lunch about an hour, we continue to Preah Vihear Province and it’s took about 2 hours. it’s faster then before because of the road is really good until the foot hill of Dong Rek mountain where is having a temple on the top call Preah Vihear Temple. we spent about 20min to climb but it’s not by feet because it’s will take more time and we can’t use our car too because it’s not a sport car, so impossible. we ranted two motors for both of us, they charge 5$each  for two ways. Preah Vihear is a really beautiful and big temple.  For a long time, Thailand argued that it belonged to them but in 1962, the International Court of Justice awarded ownership to Cambodia.  The recent fighting between the 2 countries was over the disputed border area surrounding the temple.  This is why the area is empty of tourists but now even at night time you will be safe and also you can find the place to stay around there too. we finish  our visit at 4pm but we want to see the sunset so we have to wait a bit more.

Oh! we had a really nice time with our small sunset France picnic.

Thank you very much Denis for took me there and also giving me a very special time :-*


  1. Beautiful pictures! Now I’m jealous haha!

    • Don’t be jealous, you will see it too if you come here. I also can show you if you want because now I know all the ways to there and I know which places that you have to see too.

  2. wow, nice pictures; I can imagine you were impressed; your country have such nice places to visit (and also such nice people)

    • Oh! all it’s just beginning of my blog and you’ll see more than these, when you be here.

  3. Please don’t say that Thailand tried to take Prea Vihear from Cambodia because its not true. The fighting is about a piece of land 4.6 square km near the temple, and it is not about the temple itself which everyone including Thai government knows is inside Cambodia. Better not to give misinformation!

    • sorry you misunderstood the wording on my blog. i always intended to mean that it was land surrounding the temple which was being fought over and not the temple itself. but, in the interests of 100% clarity, I have edited my blog. thanks for taking the time to read my blog and commenting!

  4. Hi there, Angkor Boy, my name is Frankie and I met you at MEN’s Resort last month. If you remember, I sent the locker key through the tuktuk driver since I forgot to hand it to you after paying the bill for the 1-hr massage. Anyhow, it was a pleasure to meet you in person and I am planning to hire you as my tour guide on my next trip to Siem Reap. But I am particularly interested in visiting Preah Vilhear Temple. Can you give me an idea how much you will charge for this service? Hoping to hear from you soon.