Kep-Cambodia seaside last day

Posted by on Jun 22, 2011 in Angkor Wat, Angkorboy's diary, Cambodia, Photos, Sea/beach | 2 comments

One more day having a nice weather with no rain but still not a good sunshine :-(

Had such a great time at the pepper farm and mountain caves (Kampong Trach). Even now the pepper season has gone two months already, I still can see a few green peppers on the trees.
So exciting to see them because it’s the first time.
Well, it’s close to sunset time now but I won’t be waiting like yesterday because I don’t want to get disappointed again :-)

Really don’t wanna leave but have to work, hope to get back again soon :-)

Thank you Hans for the great time, hope you enjoyed it too.



  1. We are waiting for photos :)

    Have a nice relax!

  2. Hi Chay

    i wanna join that trip too.