Lazy Beach

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LAZY BEACH is in KOH RONG Saloem Island of Cambodian, Such a funny to have this name but it’s really true as soon as you get there you would be Lazy as the Beach’s name.  It’s take about 2h or more (depend on the weather)  to get there by boat from Sihanoukville. I had spend 3h on the boat coz the weather wasn’t good, quite big wave against our journey and made me very sick but anyways the Cristal color of the water and White sand of the beach made me relax and recovered from the sickness very quick.

Kitchen is open daily from 7:30am – 9pm only but the Drinks till whenever you want. All the Foods are Fantastic even Vegetarian, Oh! don’t forget to test my strongly recommend when you have a chance to go there is Mangocheese Cake, God! Wonderful…!!! you wont find  same test anyways else.

Beside just to lay down on the beach, We had a day of  Forrest walking trip to the White Light House which is 5h of whole trip. Oh! that’s really long way of walking but it’s really good experience as never did before. So bad on the way back my shoes was broke, I had to walked without shoes on the piece of broken stone. Oh! my god, such a painful time but so lucky my foot was OK ..  :-)

Very hard to say good bye to the LAZY BEACH, It was a paradise…

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  1. WOW! Thank you for the nice report. I miss your reports :)

    It seems to be very nice place. But many buildings look abandoned.

    You still looks great and seems loose few kilo :)