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Good morning….

Has been quite long time since my last post was updated and I found Angkorboy lost a lot viewer :( I knew it’s because I’m silly and lazy to update it often, from now on I promise to try my best as much as possible.

Well, today I got a little thing to share. It’s about my high school return. It took me years and years to decide what to do with my education. I been thinking that finishing high school or not isn’t important as long as I have a job and experience then I’ll be fine. However, Angkorboy get quite popular amongst people around the world (specially gay community). I started more and more required to be their tour guide but as I’m not an official guide (which means I can not legally explain the history of the temples at the temple sights). So most friends has rejected me. I did understand because I get not enough what they wanted. Even though I am really into ancient history and like to show people how beautiful my hometown is, I’ve never thought of becoming a official tour guide. But as unofficial kick me away from what I really like, I had decided to be an official tour guide. It is the main reason force me to go back to finish my high school. So now I am enrolled for final year again. All I need to do is study really hard for the next year and pass the exam for grade 12.

Im still going to be offering my services to friends that can have unofficial guide, and look forward to the next year, and get my high school certificate so I can be your official guide when you visit Cambodia.


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  1. That’s really great news. Good luck!!