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Hi again to everyone who like to read Angkorboy’s blog :)
How are you doing? really hope that you’re all doing well.

Time to share what have we done close to Halloween day in Siem Reap. Even still have a few days to go but we got a special night called Pre-Halloween which celebrated at Linga Bar and few more places along Pub Street. I’m totally 100% Cambodian and of course Halloween is not my tradition but no matter from which countries or any parts of the world, it’s really interesting for me and I’d like to join, to see how it’s going, how it works…

By the ways, Last night me and my house mates dressed up and makeup different kind of things for the pre-celebration as it posted on Expat profile on Facebook. I been checking again and again with my friend just wanted to make sure that many people will do the same thing but my friend said “Everyone is in normal dress except one with makeup on”. After I informed to my house mates we got a bit shock because it’s suppose to be not normal. However, we called to check with one other friend if he going to do like us. He said “Yes, and everyone with me are dressing up, come….”. We decided to keep out make up on and join him not where he is but asked him to meet and celebrate at Linga Bar. So funny and I felt so embarrassing at the beginning because truly no one beside 5 of us and some of performers were dressed up. One of our friends can’t handle this situation he went to bathroom after he relies to clean his makeup. Very, then there were only 4 finally for the rest of the night :)

Very funny pre-halloween night, I’ll do it again next year :)